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The IT 2 Cast Has Been Revealed

The IT 2 Cast Has Been Revealed

by James RobertsonJuly 22, 2018

Horror fans have had a real treat ahead of them ever since the spectacular remake of Stephen King’s It premiered last year. Since It came out people have been awaiting the second part of the tale and wondering who is going to make up the adult version of the losers club.

Well the wait is over as we now have the cast list!


First up is James Mcavoy as Bill, the leading man and pretty much the head of the loser’s club. Pretty much everyone is familiar with Mcavoy as Charles Xavier in the current iteration of the X-Men movies we’ll be excited to see how he handles leading a horror movie..


Jessica Chastain is taking on the role of Beverley, the only lady in the losers club and one of it’s most significant members. Jessica has two Academy Award nominations to her name and host of critically acclaimed films to her name like Interstellar and Zero Dark Thirty.


Andy Bean is a little lower down on the famous scale that Jessica and James but he’s known for the TV series Here And Now. Andy will be playing Stan, the most cowardly member of the group.


Here we have James Ransone, known for his portrayal of ‘Ziggy’ in The Wire. James also has some horror experience from the Sinister movies and he will be using that as he takes on the role of Eddie Kaspbrak; the hypochondriac momma’s boy.


Richie is the comedian of the group so it’s only right that the brilliant Bill Hader gets cast in this role. Bill is well known for his SNL work but also for his great performance in Superbad. Richie was one of the best parts of the It remake and there will be a lot to live up to for Bill here.


Jay Ryan is probably best known for his work on the long running Australian soap opera, Neighbours. But after he portrays the chubby kid Ben who grows up to be a hunk in It he might end up with a real career boost.


Lastly, and most awesomely, Isaiah Mustafa will be taking on the role of Mike. You will probably know Isaiah from the Old Spice commercials and we can’t wait to see him take on the evil entity in It.

Now we just have to wait!

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