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Sony Don’t Want You to Enjoy Fortnite!

Sony Don’t Want You to Enjoy Fortnite!

by Karl BoydJune 13, 2018

Epic Games have released Fortnite on Nintendo Switch, meaning other than Android you can play the biggest game in the world on pretty much everything. However Sony has blocked players from accessing in game items/emotes on the new device if that account has ever logged in on a PS4. We get that Sony are against cross-play, they want everyone to own their product. But blocking people from accessing things that they have bought with their own money is just plain wrong.

The internet has been very quick to voice its opinion, with neither Sony nor Epic Games joining the discussion just yet. #ForThePlayers is the tagline Sony has been using to promote themselves for a while now. Yet this decision is the opposite of that. On the back of a lacklustre E3 presentation, including moving the audience out of a ‘church’ into the main hall for no reason, Sony will likely be at the end of a lot of criticism in the coming days. Many fans are already calling for a boycott of Sony’s service, as well as online hashtags being set up.

Could this be the straw to break the camels back?

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