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Snakebyte Head:Set PS4 Review

Snakebyte Head:Set PS4 Review

by July 26, 2018

Recently Snakebyte have taken to pushing a large amount of accessories out and the latest instalment for all those headset fans out there could be the best and cheapest option on the market. The headset is available for both PS4 and Xbox One and it delivers crystal clear audio with the punch you would expect from a high quality and rather expensive headset.

The main focus I think that will appeal to most people as it did to me is these beauties don’t require any installation or charging of batteries before use as Snakebyte have went with the classic plug and play technique. That’s right just throw one end of the headset (3.5mm jack) into your controller and you’re ready to rock n roll or hear footsteps and bullets, if rock n roll isn’t your thing.

This for me was a great feature to add back to gaming headsets as I can easily just pick up my controller and I’m ready to go, where as with my Turtle Beach I have to wait for the bloody thing to connect before using and even then that’s dependant on whether or not I’ve remembered to charge it.

Under the hood Snakebyte have given us some nice high powered 40mm Neodymium drivers which will deliver rich, high quality sound and I have to admit they work an absolute treat. I tested the headphones out playing Fortnite and Battlefield 1. In Fortnite, when approaching the end game I had the edge in listening for my opponents movement during build battles, and could hear the direction of shots making it easy for me to call out enemies to my team mates. Battlefield 1 on the other hand, the headset was outstanding. Every explosion, gun shot and footstep was blasted into my ears like I was actually running through the trenches of Soissons. I’m not just saying this either the sound quality on these things is fantastic.


Naturally the headset comes with a built in boom mic and this is fully detachable from the ear cup just in case you’re like me and just don’t want to talk to people after a long day at work. The mic however when I did use it was crystal clear and the noise level on it was fine without any of that annoying feedback you get in a group chat. I even asked a few of the lads I was in the chat with how the sound quality sounded from their end and I had no complaints. So far so good.

The ear cups are covered with a nice soft fabric on the outside with a spongey foam on the inside for extra comfort, however after an extended period of use I did find they become itchy and made the sides of my head irritable. The headband on the other hand was soft with a nice finish and the weight of the headset is light enough that it doesn’t start to give you that weird headache when it’s resting on your head.

The headset comes with a 1.2m long cable so this gives you plenty of room to shift about although sometimes I found it was getting in the way a bit as lets be honest the joypad is never really that far away from you. The cable has a volume control attached to the centre of it for easy access to volume with out the need for you to get up and find a remote to change the sound or fumble about on an ear cup looking for the right control dial to move up or down.


Great Sound
Plug and Play


Ear Cup Fabric Irritates With Extended Use

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Overall the Snakebyte Head:Set is a great addition for any gamer looking for a powerful low budget headset when gaming. The design is nicely put together and in a way Snakebyte have taken the whole design in a sort of old school direction. Some finishing touches could be improved here and there to make the headset better but for a price of £17.99 (Amazon) you literally can not go wrong.

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