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Snakebyte Charging Tower Review

Snakebyte Charging Tower Review

by James RobertsonApril 17, 2018

We recently received a delivery of a few Snakebyte products which included battery charging kits, charging docks and of the charging tower. These products are for both the PS4 and Xbox One and they certainly bring all the juice you need so you never have to go without a charged controller again. (Please note only the battery packs are for the Xbox One)

There are two variations of the charge tower, one being a normal version and the other being the charge tower pro. The pro version is obviously the better version of the two as this little beauty comes with a charging dock to directly connect your controllers to on top of the tower and you can also use two USB ports on the base of the stand to charge via USB cable. The normal version only comes with two USB ports on the base of the unit. Needless to say these aren’t just limited charging controllers as the ports will also power charge for mobile phones, headsets and any other device you use a USB cable to charge.


Xbox One Version

Your PS4 controllers will connect directly to the charging dock on top, however for the Xbox One version you will have to connect a rechargeable battery pack to the controller first before docking. Have no fear if you don’t have any chargeable kits for the Xbox One controller because the Xbox One version comes with two rechargeable 600mAh batteries for you too use. These battery packs should be more then enough for you to game the day away as each pack will roughly last around 5-7 hours depending on how much your hammering gaming that day. Snakebyte have also in cooperated an LED indicator so you know when your controllers are fully charged, this may not sound like much but trust ive used charging stations before and this isn’t always a feature.

As you have probably guessed by now this piece of kit isn’t just called a tower for nothing. As instead of Snakebyte just giving you a charging dock or a base with extra USB ports they have also supplied you with a nice game rack for you to display all your finest physical copies. If you ask me I actually prefer this as before the tower was delivered my PS4 and Xbox One games were just sitting on a window sill ready to topple like dominos at any given moment. Now however they are neat and tidy with the controllers charging above them and the rack itself can hold up to 15 games.

Overall the introduction of Snakebyte Charge Tower and Charge Tower Pro is a very welcomed one to my games room. Not only do they help me organise my games so they aren’t stacked up in random places, but it also allows me to consistently charge all my devices and controllers in one place. This product would be a great addition to any gaming room and it’s also one I would highly recommend.

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