SilverStone EBA-01 Review

What do you do with your headphones when they aren’t in use? Many people simply toss them onto their desk/bed. Others will put them in their respective case or pouch. But for those headphones that look great and should be displayed, a headphone stand is a must. Stands vary in price from really cheap to really expensive. The SilverStone EBA01 is an aluminum stand that comes in at the lower price bracket.


Silver aluminum finishes are what SilverStone’s Ensemble series is all about when it comes to design. Though the rest of the Ensemble series utilizes a brushed aluminum finish, the EBA01 headphone stand uses a beautiful sandblasted finish to the aluminum that sparkles in the light.

The sandblasting is stronger on the top of the stand to increase friction allowing headphones to stay in place easier. The finish gives it a rougher surface as a whole while a single, smooth, and circular cut around the top of the base gives it a nice edge. The headphone stand looks great, though it is a little large in size. In many ways, it reminds me of a modern lamp.


The EBA01 does not come assembled; rather it comes to you in a flat box holding all the components. So the build does somewhat rely on you as a whole. It’s simple to assemble requiring you to just screw in some screws.

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The EBA01 weighs in right around 1.5 kg, which makes for one hefty headphone stand. The aluminum finish is very nice and looks precision cut. I personally don’t see it breaking in the long haul. Everything about the headphone stand just screams resilient and robust.



Though many headphone stands are smaller and more compact in size, this one runs with the opposite logic. It’s not the largest sized headphone stand out there, but is pretty large and heavy.

SilverStone does state, and show, that the stand is large enough to hold 2 full-sized headphones. It can do that, though I’ve found that this could create some tangling in the cables. Additionally, the headphones sit a little close when placing two on the stand. The stand itself really sits at a medium where it’s large for one headphone, but tight for two.



This may be a minor issue, but the headphone stand does come disassembled requiring the user to assemble the stand. Assembly does require you to screw things in and follow direction. For something that costs 60 dollars, I would want it to be assembled already, but then again, it is a little greener. Other than that, the headphone stand is attractive, modern, and should last quite a while.

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Bottom Line

With the Silverstone EBA01, they complete their Ensemble series, a DAC, an amp, and a headphone stand.

The EBA01 is a sleek, modern twist to the headphone stand. Its large size is the first thing that captures attention; it’s resilient and robust and looks great.