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Pixel Maker MV Releases Into Early Access

Pixel Maker MV Releases Into Early Access

by James RobertsonJuly 20, 2018

Do you love playing pixel RPG’s? Ever wanted to create your own video game? Well now you can thanks to the people over at PLAYISM who have partnered u with KADOKAWA Corporation to bring you the software that will help you create the game of your dreams.

Pixel Game Maker MV, is scheduled to begin Early Access on Steam from 24th July, 2018. The game creation software, which normally retails for £67.99/€71.99, will be on sale at launch for 20% off for £54.39/€57.59 for a limited time.

Pixel Game Maker MV is the perfect entry level game creation software that lets you easily create your very own original action games, without programming skills or specialized knowledge whatsoever. The action games you can create are limited only by your imagination. The ability to use original materials and resources for character animations, background maps, sound, etc., allows you to create truly unique games.

Check out below a couple of games that have been created using the software:

Bike Dash Excite!

This motorcycle racing game is an excellent example of what the Pixel Game Maker MV physics engine can do! Tame your wild and jacked-up bike to fly through the various stages and rub your awesome clear times in your opponents’ faces!

Witch & 66 Mushrooms

An awesome Metroidvania-style game featuring beautiful animations and effects using the Pixel Game Maker MV particle function! Make use of a wide variety of weapons while traversing vast, sprawling stages in this exploration-style 2D action-adventure title.

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