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Optoma GT1080 Darbee Gaming Projector Review

Optoma GT1080 Darbee Gaming Projector Review

by July 23, 2018

No matter whom you are, when you think of the ultimate in home movie experience you either think of two things; a giant TV screen or a projector setup in the front room just like your very own cinema.

The first option is what most people will go for because it is easier to setup and it’s a favourite with gamers because setting up is a breeze. Another key factor is response time which is the timing between a video signal being received and then it being updated on the screen. This has always been a major problem for projectors as the larger the screen goes the more likely you are to have a higher response time.

However, technology moves on and the time has finally come where projectors are starting to step up and do a job you would expect from a TV or gaming monitor. Optoma have proven this is doable with their GT1080 Darbee Projector which has been specifically built for those who are gamers and works remarkably well whether you’re using a PC, PS4 or Xbox One. Luckily for us, the good folks over at Optoma were kind enough to send us a review sample so we could get our hands on it and let you all know how it performs.

The Optoma GT1080 Darbee produces and projects an image in full 1080p and can produce a 100 inch screen with a distance of up to a metre, all thanks to short throw technology. The built-in 3000 lumen lamp produces a much brighter image than your average projector and so there are no problems with how the image looks. Even in the brightest of rooms. Just to put this into context; I watched England’s World Cup Semi-Final against Croatia on this projector with the Sun beating through the blinds and at no point did I have to adjust the projector or try to darken the room further in any way. To be honest the projector did a much better job than England did, but that’s another story.


According to Optoma, the projector comes with the Darbee processing power which will use an algorithm to enhance the detail and depth of everything on the screen. This basically means that whatever you are viewing the projector will sharpen the picture and boost the contrast range of colours. As well as this great feature the projector comes with a setting for those of you looking to use it for gaming.

Optoma have implemented an Enhanced Game Mode setting which will again boost contrast and colour, but will also deliver a response time of 16ms. That’s right a projector that can pump out a 16ms response time. This may not be a huge leap for some people, but the work that has gone in to produce this is brilliant.

According to a few projector specifications websites it will give the projector a throw ratio of 0.49. This basically means that for every half a metre you drag the projector back you will measure 1 metre diagonally.


With all projectors the bulb will come with a life expectancy and the one used by Optoma has a life span of up to 10,000 hours. The projector does have an eco mode which will allow the bulb to dim slightly causing its life span to increase. No worries however because if the bulb were to suddenly die out on you, then a replacement can be found online which is a lot cheaper than buying a brand new projector.

All the connections are housed on the side of the projector and you have two HDMI ports with the latest version of HDCP which again uses 1080p, a USB power connection point as well as a useful mini-usb port between the HDMI ports so you can connect external storage devices. Alongside these you also have the option of a 3D sync port, a 12v output and 3.5mm audio out. The audio out was tested because the speakers on the projector were not loud enough, especially when you have a room full of people all chanting and screaming. If you don’t have a room full of football fans however the normal speakers should work just fine.

Built into the top of the projector you also have a focus slider which you will need to adjust correctly when setting the projector up for the first time. Ensuring the image aligns correctly and to make sure you have the best image quality possible without ghosting, is all very important.


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Overall the Optoma GT1080 Darbee would be a great addition to any gamer or movie buff’s home cinema system. The only thing in my eyes that seems to let this model down is the speaker volume, but this is easily remedied with a simple £2 aux cable. The picture quality is full HD and with a screen size of 100 inches from around 3-4 feet away you certainly won’t be missing any of the action on screen. Currently the unit is priced at just over £600, but for the life expectancy of it and the short throw technology alone then this model is highly recommended for the price.

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