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Omensight Review

Omensight Review

by May 16, 2018

If, like me, you’ve played and loved Spearhead Games’ previous title Stories: Path of Destiny then you’re in for a right treat with their latest offering: Omensight.

This small independent team of about a dozen Montrealers has a knack of being able to create lovely, narrative driven tales that get you instantly hooked with games hard to put down. Their newest creation Omensight, is a very cleverly written, not-so-small game that gets deeper and more involving the more you play.

The apocalypse is coming and its your role as the Harbinger learn how to prevent it.

As the Harbinger you’re tasked with investigating the goings on leading up to the foreseen apocalypse that sees the end of Urralia. You re-live the same day over and over but each time alongside different characters that make up this deep and involving story. With each day played you learn of their involvement in the apocalypse; whether you’re fighting with them against their enemy or with their enemy. Who are the good guys and who are the bad? You’ll have to play through to discover for yourselves. The story has more plot twists than an Agatha Christie novel.


Each level is well designed with lots of different platforms and routes through each stage which open up lots of secret rooms and passages to unlock too . The more you replay each day the more you discover. Whenever a video game directs me to go one way or take a particular route I will invariably do the opposite. Since playing Super Mario back in the day I have learned this simple yet rewarding rule. It rarely disappoints, usually rewarding the player with access to a secret area, an achievement/trophy or a sexy treasure chest. Omensight has this in abundance meaning you itch to replay an area to learn what it’s hiding and you’re also rewarded with juicy plot fillers too!

With each daily play through you can earn power-ups as well as unearth more evidence of Urralia’s demise. The powers you accrue help you defeat the increasingly difficult enemies and bosses you encounter. These range from cannon fodder type smaller enemies that can be disposed of with repeated light attacks, medium enemies that require their defences to be broken first with heavy attacks and bosses that require all of the above as well as learning their attack patterns. Sometimes all at once, but you never feel overwhelmed. The combat flows really well as you duck and dodge enemy attacks and counter attack with fluid ease, even utilising your companion’s special attack too.


I really like the fairy-tale style art direction the game has taken and with the cel-shade-esque graphics we have a really pretty game here. The graphical fidelity is nice and sharp, the animations are fluid and a joy to watch and there’s no frame-rate issues at all. Even with dozens of enemies on screen protecting their big boss and me jumping around like a loon, flailing my massive blade about the game runs smooth. Each individual character is well drawn and animated.

Even the levels are well presented in various lands like a snow-topped castle or a lush green forest. There isn’t a great deal I need to say about the audio but Spearhead have done a grand job of mixing context appropriate music with solid room-filling gameplay sounds and it’s refreshing to hear a mix of different worldly accents with the voice acting too.


Amazing Story
Enjoyable Combat
Unearthing Hidden Areas/Secrets
Fairy-tale, Cel-shaded Art Style


Lack Of Replay Value

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Bottom Line

To round up, Omensight is a great game that mixes enjoyable action with a great narrative. To include a game mechanic that has you replay events from different perspectives is nothing short of genius. A lot can be learned from this small team of developers and I for one hope they continue to create quality gems like this forever.

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