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Chuckle Brothers’ New Saturday Evening Show Airs Next Week

Chuckle Brothers’ New Saturday Evening Show Airs Next Week

by Matt GouldenJune 8, 2018

For anyone growing up in the 90’s, Paul and Barry Chuckle were a firm fixture in the TV diary after school. So their return to our TV sets this Summer received a little bit of a reaction from a range of thirty-somethings reminiscing about their childhood.

To be fair, the Chuckle Brothers’ return to the small screen was announced earlier in the year in April when Channel 5 confirmed the entertainers would return to scheduled programming this Summer. However, we now know the first broadcast is just a week away, and while Chuckle Vision may have only been off our screens since 2009 (it seems like a lot longer) our nostalgic view of the Chuckle Brothers has not diminished.

Their new series, Chuckle Time, has been given an early Saturday evening slot on Channel 5 and will air on Saturday 16th June at 5:05pm. A whole world away from the after school weekday slot they enjoyed a 21 series run with.The new series will comprise of 12 hour-long episodes filled with a mix of uploaded video clips from the public and short comedy sketches performed by the duo. We imagine a nice, light, family  entertainment show to keep the kids entertained for an hour while you wait for the takeaway to be delivered. So those thirty-somethings can now watch the Chuckle Brothers with their young family and see how their comedy holds up. Expect plenty of “to me, to you”

Some may see it as a welcome return, others may think they should have stayed away from TV having enjoyed a great run as children’s entertainers, most notably through the 90’s. But could they fill a gap left by Ant and Dec on a Saturday night? What is for certain is that Chuckle Time will be struggling for live viewing figures from the off with World Cup fixtures filling up early Saturday evening slots on rival channels for the first 4 weeks of their return. Oh dear, oh dear.

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