Modern Combat Versus – Online Multiplayer FPS – Review

Every new Modern Combat game pushes what’s possible with shooters on iPhone and iPad, but Versus also reflects the genre’s evolution on the console. It’s centered upon speedy traversal and wall-running, arena-based online matches and a cast of characters with different move sets.

“We’re evolving beyond the ‘traditional military shooter’ formula,” says creative director Alexandre Charbonneau. He’s right. With the shift in the style of play, this new Modern Combat game is more strategic than its predecessors.

“Competitive aptitude, map control, and mastering [each] Agent’s strength’s and weaknesses” are the three things to consider here, says Charbonneau. For launch, the primary style of play will be Zone Control, a 4v4 battle where teams fight to capture and control a centralized area.

And there’s more to come. “Our team is already working on more game modes with a focus on competition, as well as new agents, events and more,” says Charbonneau. “We’re developing specific content for the eSports crowd too.” So expect online tournaments and a competitive scene to emerge in time.

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Even now at launch, Versus is among the best shooters on the App Store. With each iteration of this series, Gameloft is getting better and better at making shooters work beautifully on touchscreens, not to mention pushing the tech and visuals pretty hard.

With nods to the trends playing out in console shooters, Versus is the choice for players who want a big-budget shooter experience on their iPhone or iPad.

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