MEElectronics M9 Classic Review

A long time ago, MEElectronics began their journey in the headphone world with a number of IEMs. One of their main bang-for-the-buck IEMs they released was called the M9. It has since gone though a few revisions, though there are many people who are fans of the original sound. With that demand, MEE decided to bring back the M9, the M9 Classic is the classic from way back in the day for an unbelievably cheap price.


Driver: 9mm Dynamic
Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
Impedance: 16 ohms
Sensitivity: 95 +/- 3 dB

In the Box

MEElectronics M9 Classic
Silicone Tips (Single-Flange: S/M/L; Dual-Flange: M)


The MEElectronics M9 Classics are a smaller variant in contrast to the regular M9 currently going around. They share the exact same design principles however. The 10-dollar model is available in a single color, or lack of: black. Silver accents give the design some complexity, but overall, the design is classic and glossed all around.


The overall signature of the M9 is actually balanced quite well. There is a bass focus on these in-ears, however, the bass is very well controlled while allowing for great depth. The midrange has a warmish tone to it while offering enough energy. The treble is a little more forward giving the IEMs a slight v-shape signature.

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Starting down low, we do find that the bass has a bit of a low-mid-bass focus to it. This creates a sound that is a little one-noted overall, but results in a well-defined bass slam and strong impacts; it’s on the verge of boomy. However, the lower-sub-bass does lack a little fluidity to its texturing due to the one-noted-ness, but it has good presence. The bass is far from the tightest around, but also far from the sloppiest. On the contrary, it’s well controlled.

As we go into the midrange, we do find that there is a slight warmth to it. The detailing is strong overall, but never in your face. The midrange has a focus on the lower-octaves creating a slight loss in the dynamics. Upper midrange clarity is present, though not the strongest.

Going up into the highest frequency ranges, the treble, we find that this is the area where the M9 brings back quite a bit of its energy. The lower treble has a strong and present snap to it that details decently. The upper treble is a little ambitious in nature. It offers strong detailing and ample separation, but could have the slightest bit of sibilance to it on certain recordings. Overall though, the treble is tuned nicely.

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One of the thing that I loved about the majority of classic MEE IEMs was the build quality. Although the M9 Classic doesn’t come equipped with a carrying case, it is also a ten-dollar IEM. That said, as with any IEM, I do always encourage the use of a cheap case. Luckily, MEElectronics has plenty to offer.

The housings of the MEElectronics M9 Classic utilize metal throughout the entire housing. The housings themselves are compact and have a nice heft to them (for their size) due to the material choice. If there is any weakness in the build, it’s definitely not the housing. Sticking out of each housing is a single large strain relief.

My favorite part of the older MEE models was definitely the cable. MEElectronics uses a multi-layer design for their M9’s cable. The internal layer of the cable has a weaving pattern to it while the outer sheath uses plastic tubing. The combination of these materials creates a cable that is a little more resistant to tangles while remaining strong.

At the base of the cable is a headphone jack, which seals the M9 Classic’s build. The jack has a nicely sized strain relief that is also set at a 90-degree angle. Gold plating on the actual jack ensures that the headphone jack resists corrosion.


MEElectronics states that they reduced the size of the M9 Classic’s housing by nearly 30% from the current gen 2 M9. The Classics are tiny in size, which allow them to be worn securely in place, either up or down. Four sets of silicone tips are included to ensure a user can get a proper fit. Personally, I had no issues regarding the M9 Classic’s comfort.


This is probably the cheapest pair of buds that I’ve ever been able to recommend. Coming in at just under ten dollars, these IEMs are quite a steal. They have a very good build with great comfort. The sound quality you get for this price really can’t be matched by any IEM. I’m sure if MEE offered a mic’d model of this, it would be a hit for smartphone users.

Bottom Line

MEElectronics wanted to bring back the original M9, as it was a fan favorite, and call them the M9 Classic. The new, old model is priced right around ten dollars, which makes them a steal.

They offer great build, comfort, and, most importantly, sound, and all for ten dollars!