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Idris Elba Is The New Favourite To Play James Bond

Idris Elba Is The New Favourite To Play James Bond

by James RobertsonAugust 10, 2018

Names like Tom Hardy and Tom Hiddleston have been thrown about this year as possible replacements for Daniel Craig as James Bond but today it seems that Idris Elba has become the front runner.

There’s still about a year before Bond 25 comes out and sees Daniel Craig don the tux one last time. It’s unlikely an announcement will come before then but there has been a fair amount of attention sliding Idris’ way today. The big news is that the James Bond franchise’s producer, Barbara Broccolli, has stated it is time for some diversity in the casting of Bond to director Antoine Fuqua.

Apparently Barbara Broccolli believes that the casting of a non white Bond “will happen eventually” and that Idris Elba would look the part at 45 every bit as much as Sean Connery or Daniel Craig, who is five years his senior.

Idris is perhaps most famous for his intense portrayal of London detective, Luther and in the past has occasionally shied away from the rumours about being cast as Bond. In some interviews he states he thinks he’s too old and in others he says he’d be honoured to take the role. It probably won’t be tomorrow that we find out who the replacement will be but when we do there are a lot of people who will be hoping that, if offered, Idris says yes.

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