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Human Fall Flat: Revisited

Human Fall Flat: Revisited

by August 10, 2018

Human: Fall Flat is a physics-based platform-puzzle game developed by No Brakes Games and published by Curve Digital. It was originally released on PC & MAC July 2016 then on console; PS4 & Xbox in May 2017 then Nintendo Switch December 2017.

“This isn’t a new game, why post a review now?” I hear you say. Good question, after a brief game synopsis read on and you’ll find out!

You play as Bob. Bob has no special abilities or defining attributes, he is simply a plain looking, featureless human. He has the ability to grab objects and climb up ledges using both his arms and that’s pretty much all there is to Bob, simplicity is key to not distracting you from the perils – and ensuing hilarity – that he encounters on his amazing travels! HFF’s levels are open ended with each containing multiple solutions to their unique puzzles. The levels are extremely well designed and fun to progress through. They are plain and un-textured giving an almost clinical like look but this helps the aesthetic of the game and goes toward creating a chamber/experiment feel to the experience – and also means you’re less distracted from Bob’s slap-stick comedic performances.


You see, sometimes this game can be more fun to watch than it is to play. This isn’t a slight against the game more that it provides so much viewing fun that I sometimes like to sit back and watch my girlfriend play, or try – the rag-doll physics are akin to similar twin-stick controlled puzzle games like Octodad or Surgeon Simulator. Getting through these games is a comedy of errors, figuring out what needs to be done is the easy part, the execution however is something else. Basically, No brake Games have created something that looks easy to play but is as devilishly difficult to progress through as it is hilarious to attempt. Bob is a texture-less fella that looks like a mini Mr. Stay Puft and he reacts to everyday objects and his surroundings just like you’d expect. Imagine wearing a mini-Zorb ball as an outfit and entering an It’s A Knockout assault-course type contest and you will have an idea!

The gameplay is a joy, albeit it a tricky one. You control Bob, or try to, using both thumb sticks to move him and the triggers to control his hands to grab objects or to climb up or over your environment. The puzzles you encounter, like mentioned earlier, are easy to figure out but difficult to complete. Trying to lay a plank of wood across a gap so you can get to the other side looks so simple but is like trying to drunkenly put a key in a lock with a broken wrist


The graphics as you can see by the screenshots are clean and tidy and do the job. The character and level creation is almost flawless from a coding point of view meaning almost zero clipping issues between objects – it’s definitely you that is having trouble carrying that rock, not the environment preventing you from doing so mwahahaha (evil maniacal laugh) .

The audio is subtle but on point, containing little other than the noise you’d get when two objects come into contact with one another. This is supported by some lovely, again subtle, background music that kind of resembles elevator music. This serves to create a backdrop against you crying/laughing at yourself and Bob floundering around like Wilder and Prior in Stir Crazy.

Now I have given you an idea as to what Human: Fall Flat is, time for me to answer the question you asked yourself earlier – why post a review now?


They have only gone and added online multiplayer support!!!

Being able to play Human: Fall Flat with others online is going to be the icing on the already juicy cake – I for one cannot wait for this update – PC players have had multiplayer for a while but this is more than a welcome addition for console owners! Laughing at others’ repeated failed attempts to carry out ‘simple’ tasks then have them reciprocating the laughing back at you while you fail at the same task will be all of the awesomes! So too will teaming up with 7 mates to co-op through the various levels, will it be easier with others helping or will it be like an calamitous episode of The Keystone Cops?

Find out on August 28th! See y’all online!


Satisfying Puzzles
Dark sense of humour
Very replayable


Somewhat clinical graphics

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Human: Fall Flat is a delightfully dangerous, puzzle platformer from No Brakes Games. With multiplayer support coming soon this looks like it will be even more darkly comic.

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