F1 2017 | Review

Now I’ve played a few of the F1 games and I’ve always felt as though something was missing from them. I could never quite put my finger on what it was if I’m truthfully honest.

However, with F1 2017 whatever it is that Codemasters have done to it, they have certainly done something right as this is has to be one of if not the best entry in the series.

I say this because the career mode is simply superb. Instead of the usual just moving from one race to another the player now has a brilliant and very detailed engine management system.

The management system is accessed through an in game laptop and it gives the player the option and freedom to maintain every part of their engine. You’re given four of each component and this is enough for a seasoned veteran of F1 so needing more will have the player receive grid penalties.

This doesn’t sound like much to handle and maintain, but if you’re like me and drive like an absolute nutcase then trust me you’re going to burn through parts like they’re going out of fashion.

For me it makes the game more realistic and I’m sure any avid F1 fan will agree when I say that not only does the driver have to worry about what is happening on the outside of the car but more importantly what’s going on inside.

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Codemasters really went all out this year and this feature shows it off brilliantly. Imagine having to tweak one of the cars components so that you don’t just suddenly conk out half way round the track because previous races have caused a component too much wear and tear.

It is a brilliant feature to have but, as mentioned before, I drive like a maniac on racing games and I would often find myself having to replace components.

Sometimes I would think “yeah that will be fine man I will just ride it out and hope for the best.” Oh how wrong I was, not a chance in hell was I going to do anything spectacular with this kit let alone win a race.

There are so many more features that are available to the player to use but honestly if I was to list them you would literally be sitting here reading for probably the next half an hour to an hour. It’s great as no two races will seem the same and this is what gives the game that feeling of being a true F1 driver as I’m sure the likes of Lewis Hamilton and his team won’t go from race to race without changing or tweaking anything.

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Multiplayer is present, as with most games these days, but it wasn’t something I jumped straight into.

I was finding it difficult to win a race or sometimes even do a practice lap without totally smashing a part of the car up. I mention this mode as I realize I’ve spent most my time gassing (no pun intended) on about career mode but for me this is what really sets F1 2017 apart from the rest of the series.

I think this is what Codemasters really wanted players to have the best experience with.

There is also a championship mode which is almost like an old-school, arcade style where you can just pick a car and race without having to worry about tweaking the engine etc… So that may suit others better then career mode.

Graphically the game looks brilliant for a racing game and obviously most of the work has been put into the cars because, lets face it, this is where you spend most of your time throughout the game and they look fantastic.

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The attention to detail in the cockpit and the steering wheel itself is brilliant and I never had any issues running the game.

The audio with surround sound enabled makes it feel like you’re actually in the middle of a real F1 race; which is brilliant when you can hear the car behind you steadily gaining pace and trying to over take or when you’re just going hell for leather and can hear the car almost blowing up.

Bottom Line

Overall I would go as far to say that this is best in the series and you can certainly tell Codemasters have put a lot of heart and soul into bringing us the best experience possible. I would recommend F1 2017 to long time fans of the series or anyone who wants to start playing.

You may struggle at first with the amount of different features there are but once you get the hang of this not even the pit stop crew can hold you back.