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E3: Ubisoft Conference 2018

E3: Ubisoft Conference 2018

by Matt GouldenJune 11, 2018

It began with a lot of vibrant colours, optimism, a dancing panda (I’m not sure why either) and Elton John’s ‘I’m Still Standing’ ringing out as Ubisoft began proceedings with the Just Dance 2019 announcement. Cue rapturous applause from the arena, but a dismal reaction online as people felt it dragged on for longer than it should have.

Luckily for Ubisoft there were some particularly good things we can take away from their conference which will allow us to forgive and  forget that number.

It has been 15 years since the last game, it is hard to believe how far technology has come when you look back at the old footage. Beyond Good and Evil 2 was first shown to us this time last year and was well met. This year we wanted game play and a release date, and Ubisoft delivered on only the former, very briefly. From what we could see we were impressed, the CGI scenes they keep feeding us are great, however gameplay is what decides a games’ fate.

Ubisoft did let us know about a partnership with Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s company, HitRECord. They plan to crowdsource parts of the game, such as music and artwork by allowing artists to collaborate and perhaps see their work in the finished project. This in theory is a fantastic idea which allows gamers to feel part of the universe that they will spend hours exploring. It does raise concerns however as the internet is known for it’s dark ways, online trolls and griefers may see this as a playground of destruction. Only time will tell.

It is great to see that Ubisoft want to promote collaboration between people online within the gaming community, this could be the start of something completely new and exciting for the world of video games.

Note to presenter: When you go off stage, turn off the mic before you prematurely shout out that you ‘nailed it’.

Ubisoft then went on to give themselves a big pat on the back by announcing the Rainbow 6 Siege Gaming Community had surpassed 35 million players. Well done! However, it is at this point that the whoops and cheers inside the arena seem a little forced. Also prompting a host of people to leave the online livestream or become disengaged with it.
They followed it with a push for the Rainbow Six pro-league tour which flowed into the real reason Rainbow 6 was here, a first look at the trailer for E-Sports documentary Another Mindset.
It was always going to be tough following on from a Rainbow 6 documentary, and Trials Rising probably didn’t deserve the online backlash it received. Although the game’s director did not help matters by rolling into the arena in full Evil Knievil regalia on a miniature motorbike before ‘comically’ falling into and breaking the presenter’s podium.
February 2019 release date. A low point. Let’s move on.
So, now onto what I believe was one of a few decent highlights from the Ubisoft conference this year; another look at The Division 2.
Okay we may have seen gameplay footage and the dark, cinematic trailer, but it does look great each time you see it. A post apocalyptic America in ruins, filled with people on the edge. The conference was definitely given a mid-card boost by The Division 2. The biggest cheer of the evening came with the announcement of the inclusion of 8 player co-op raids. Along with everyone in the room, we cannot wait!
I am absolutely all for conferences being a little different, quirky or eye-catching. There is a lot of competition at these events and sometimes you need to standout. The problem I have with the next part of Ubisoft’s conference is that while it indeed stood out, I remember it for all the wrong reasons.
To mark the release of DLC Mario And Rabbids Kingdom Battle: Donkey Kong Adventure on 26th June, Ubisoft brought in a small orchestra to play the score for the gameplay trailer. They were good, really good, in fact they were a highlight of the evening. But I cannot for the life of me remember any of the game. I was concentrating on the bloody band. It’s a shame that this gimmich seemed to do more to show off the talents of the small supporting orchestra than the game it was promoting.
From the outset, Skull And Bones received a lot of love online during the livestream of the Ubisoft Conference this year, and rightly so. It looks magnificent.
While some may see this as Sea Of Thieves with better graphics, others may find it to be more like the spiritual sequel to Assassin’s Creed Black Flag.
The one lacking detail was a release date.
The short trailer supporting Transference VR was altogether very intense. While there was not much given away in the short presentation it seemed to draw people in. It’s a psychological thriller in VR where you have to unravel the mystery set before you by a troubled scientist creating a version of his family from their collective brain data.
This game was revealed at last year’s E3 in a creepy trailer and it is still one to keep an eye on I reckon. Set for release this Autumn.
For a second year in a row, we found that Shigeru Miyamoto was in attendance. This time it was to unveil a StarFox/ StarLink crossover exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. Exciting.
StarLink: Battle For Atlas will be released across all consoles on 16th October 2018.
There wasn’t too much to go along with this announcement apart from the very prominent screen time Red Bull Racing received on the trailer. The Crew 2 will be released on Open Beta between 21st – 25th June 2018.


Let’s face it. This is the reason why most people were at the Ubisoft Conference and watching online. This was the main draw this year. Today we got to see the first walkthrough gameplay trailer and received a little bit more information on the mechanics for the game. It was announced that there would be the option to play as one of two characters; either Alexios or Cassandra, and we also learned that Ubisoft has gone more in-depth with the decision based gameplay, ensuring you can change historical events with your decisions.


NOTE: For Honor is missing from the list but will be included in a full length article later today.

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