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Destiny 2: Forsaken Expansion Unveils Shocking New Story Trailer

Destiny 2: Forsaken Expansion Unveils Shocking New Story Trailer

by Reza HassanJune 12, 2018

Destiny 2 has had about as rocky a start as a triple A game could have but it’s managed to retain a pretty solid player base and the expansions, whilst lacking in the campaign missions and story elements, have brought positive improvements to the game.

Now the Forsaken expansion looks to be every bit as large and influential as The Taken King was for the original Destiny. Much in the same way as the first major expansion redefined the tone of Destiny the second looks to be making it’s own, dark and gritty mark. I don’t think anyone expected to see anything like what you’re about to witness in the Forsaken‘s first story trailer. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

If you were wondering who that was that was pulling the trigger it looks to be Prince Ulduran The Crow, brother to the now former Queen of the Reef Mara. It looks like he blames the vanguard for the death of his sister and is out for revenge but we never expected it would start with such a bang!

If that’s got you down you can check out the gameplay trailer for the new gambit mode which actually looks like a perfect marriage of PVE and PVP gameplay in one awesome match up:

I don’t know if its too little or too late but I do know that, for once, I really want to play through the story of this expansion.

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