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Dell Ultrathin Monitor Review

Dell Ultrathin Monitor Review

by June 5, 2018

I have reviewed a fair few Dell products in my time working for GReviews but we were recently sent the Dell Ultrathin monitor and I have to say this monitor is a thing of beauty. As you can tell from the name being Ultrathin, this monitor has been built to take up barely any space on the desk and is built with a sleek enough design you could cut yourself on how sharp it looks. (Don’t worry, it won’t physically cut you.) I also have to mention that unlike some of Dell’s previous products this cheeky little number won’t break your bank account and that is a major selling point in my eyes.

Design and Features

The monitor will come in two different sizes the 24 inch and the 27 inch with both of them sporting the ultra slim design and small bezel framing. This is something I’m very happy to see Dell doing as with the demand for multiple screens getting bigger, the idea of having next to no gap between them is something it looks like Dell has really focused on. The bezel itself at certain points is less then a quarter of an inch thick and the base of the bezel is around an inch or so. Naturally with all monitors the base will always be thicker due to housing your usual menu buttons.

The look of this monitor is fantastic and really stands out personally for me as a cut above the rest I have reviewed. The chassis has been built to a high standard and is accompanied by a nice silver finish. If I was to compare the finish to anything to give you a good idea of what the quality is like I would have to direct you to Apple products. You know that nice silver finish Mac’s have? Well that’s the look Dell has gone for and to be honest it works really well.

The back of the monitor is equipped with a couple of ports but its nothing to write home about. There are two HDMI 2.0 ports and a 3.5mm jack for those of you who like to have speaker on the desk. As far as connectivity goes you can see the monitor is fairly light on it but if you want that sleek thin design then sacrifices sometimes have to be made. This will not please everyone as some people these days prefer more USB ports then they have dinner plates. Personally my motherboard has enough of them so it’s not something I look for in a monitor.

The stand of the monitor continues the sleek design but don’t expect to be rotating the screen a lot as due to the design it’s very limited to tilting up and down only. It does, however, have a nice piece cut out which has been placed directly over the connection ports so that cable management is nice and neat without having your wires trailing everywhere from the back of the monitor.


Display and Performance

As I mentioned previously there are two versions of this monitor, the 27 inch and the 24 inch. Both monitors are equipped with an IPS panel with the 27 inch giving a display resolution of 2560×1440 at a 60Hz refresh rate. The refresh rate is the same on the 24 inch model but that has a resolution of 1920×1080. The response rate of these models is a standard 8ms with Dell allowing user to put the monitor into a fast mode which will boost the response time to 5ms.

Dell have also marketed this monitor as having HDR ready technology. This means from my understanding that when using the monitor for every day use such as video editing and or even just browsing the web the monitor will display a fairly decent backlight. However, once the monitor detects that HDR content is being used it will increase the backlight so that you get a much better contrast and range of colour when using it. Most people may not need this feature but for someone who runs a gaming website like me you sure as hell notice the difference once the monitor kicks in.

Speaking of gaming this is another monitor that Dell has not tried to focus all its effort into producing for the normal user and a gamer. This seems to be the case with most Dell products of this type as they would primarily I’m guessing like gamers to focus more on their Alienware range which makes perfect sense in all honesty. But this doesn’t mean the monitor can’t provide some quality when gaming on it. Obviously you can change the response time to 5ms so ghosting is slightly reduced when playing fast paced games and the introduction of HDR makes the colours of your games look great so it isn’t all bad.

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Bottom Line

Overall this is a great range of monitors from Dell and whether you go with the 24 inch or 27 inch model this will be a very nice addition to your desk. The sleek design and silver finish make the monitor very appealing and easy on the eye. Lack of connectivity may make some people over look it but if you want a monitor that is great for everyday use and the odd piece of gaming then this might just be for you.

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