Dell P3418HW 34” Curved Monitor Review

I’ve reviewed a few monitors now working for GReviews but I don’t think I’ve had one that barely fits my desk and stands out when it’s switched on quite like this tank we were sent from our friends over at Dell. I’m not even joking either this thing is a sight to behold and immediately catches your eye when you enter the room.

With most monitors this size they’re usually designed for making multitasking easier as well as giving your eyesight an easier ride while using it. So did this monitor do the job and is it something I would recommend? The short answer is ‘100% YES’ but lets get down to the detail shall we?

Design and Features

As with most Dell monitors the design of these products is done to perfection, you just have to look at the design of the Alienware line to know what I’m talking about. The Dell P3418HW uses an IPS display panel with a resolution of 2560 x 1080 so it runs at a full 1080p which is great if you’re wanting to watch HD movies or play video games on it.

With most monitors these days they come with a borderless design and this monitor is no different as to be honest there’s barely anything there. From the specs I read on the official Dell website this monitor has a border of 8.0mm on top, 7.05mm on the left/right and 25.3mm on the bottom. The bottom of the screen is naturally always going to be bigger due to the function buttons hidden away underneath.

A great feature I noticed with this monitor which is especially handy for me as my desk is next to a window is the screen has an anti glare coating. Not that we’ve had much sun lately due to the Beast From The East but the odd time the sun did peak through I never once noticed any glare or reflection on the screen. This was a very nice touch from Dell if you ask me.

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The stand provided with the Dell P3418HW is the usual you would come to expect from a stand, it has the usual functions of tilt and swivel as well as the cable hole situated at the bottom to keep everything in check and neat. Nothing ground breaking I know but if there’s one feature this monitor has to stand out (no pun intended I swear) it’s the connectivity. Trust me you will never struggle to find a port if needed as the connectivity is great.

The Dell P3418HW comes with a boat load of ports for you to connect your various devices to. Most of them are located on the rear of the monitor which includes two HDMI connections, a DisplayPort connection, a USB 3.0 upstream to power the further two USB ports on the side of the monitor, two more USB 3.0 ports on the back, an audio output and a mini DisplayPort. Like I said with this monitor I don’t think you would ever be short on connections.

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As we run a gaming website I was using the monitor for various tasks to do with the website including updating web content, sorting PR and maintaining the website itself.

The display was excellent for all this multitasking as I never had to switch from window to window hiding things here and there.

At one point I must have had about 4 or 5 different windows open and each one was a decent size for me to see what I was doing while still being able to navigate round the others with ease.

This is all well and good when doing basic day to day work which isn’t too much strain on the monitor, however being a gaming website I needed to at least try something out on it.

Bear in mind this monitor never was and never will be sold as a gaming monitor but that doesn’t mean it can’t do a decent job if called upon.

I tested a few games on the monitor in order to push it and see how it held up but the main one I tested was Wolfenstein. I thought Wolfenstein would be a good choice as when things kick off it becomes very graphically demanding in terms of gun fire and constant movement on the screen.

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The monitor runs at 60Hz so it’s a bog standard refresh rate however it doesn’t have that quick response time that most gaming have these days, so there was a fair bit of ghosting and screen tearing on the screen. However, I must stress again this was never meant to be a gaming monitor but like I said I thought I’d give it a whirl and see what it had. For the most part with the monitor being Full HD the game still looked great.

Bottom Line

Overall this is a great monitor for those who want to use it for everyday use or if you are constantly trying to multitask on a daily basis. It has a great design and size, even though you need a desk the size of a kitchen bench to stand it on.

The connectivity is there in abundance so you should never have an issue connecting devices to the Dell P3418HW. If you’re a gamer it’s not the end of the world as it will still do the job for you it won’t be as rapid as a true gaming monitor.