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Cuphead DLC Features a New Playable Character!

Cuphead DLC Features a New Playable Character!

by Karl BoydJune 11, 2018

You know how much I loved Cuphead! (Spoiler, it got a 10!) So you can imagine my excitement while watching Microsoft’s E3 conference to see brand new Cuphead DLC titled; The Delicious Last Course. Set to release in 2019 the DLC promises a brand new isle, packed with new levels for us to rage at while listening to an incredible soundtrack and falling in love with the beautiful art style that made this game stand out so much. New bosses will be added as we would expect, as well as new charms to use against them. The biggest reveal however is a brand new playable character known as Ms. Chalice.

If you haven’t played Cuphead and you own an Xbox One or PC then stop what you are doing and download it, you can read my full thougths right here. Cuphead is a good old fashioned side-scrolling platform game, with levels to beat and a insane amount of bosses to fight. Imagine a 2D Dark Souls without the blood and a better soundtrack. It will make you feel incredibly angry but leave you with a smile on your face; I am yet to play another game that can do this so well.

Now we have more content on the way and we could not be more excited!

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