Brainwavz Peridot Review

Headphone stands come in all shapes and sizes, utilize all sorts of materials. The Brainwavz Peridot uses a thick slab of polycarbonate in a fish shape. It’s on the larger size of things allowing it to hold anything from the small headphones to the large planars. At just under 40 dollars, and often on sale, it makes a great addition.


A glossy finish that reflects on the inside, the outside, and all around allows this headphone stand to stand out, yet disappear into the background, quite easily. It’s design scheme is reminiscent of glass. It fits well into just about any atmosphere. The Brainwavz brand name is marked around the center of the stand curving around with the standard, fish-shaped design.


Over a quarter inch of plastic allows the Peridot to stand firm and rigid. The glass appearance looks great due to the polished finish and craftsmanship. It’s a very well built headphone stand that will last and can take abuse, though I don’t see any headphone stand taking abuse. I should note, though, that the stand came with some small chips on the corners of the legs.

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There are cheaper headphone stands out there that offer this sort of design, it is a curved piece of plastic after all.

Though this largely sized headphone stand does still do quite well for itself being relatively inexpensive, something Brainwavz tries their best to do with their price scheme.

Some may find the Brainwavz name a little intrusive on the headphone stand.


Bottom Line


The Brainwavz Peridot is a headphone stand with very few issues. Its glass-like design made of a thick slab of plastic ensures it’s strong and rigid while looking attractive in just about any decor.