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Bethesda Confirm That Fallout 76 is Fully Online and is Coming This Year!

Bethesda Confirm That Fallout 76 is Fully Online and is Coming This Year!

by Karl BoydJune 11, 2018

What a show! Bethesda just wrapped their 2018 E3 conference and I think they have won the show before anyone else has had a chance! I will do a full round up in the morning, as it is now 4AM and I need to sleep! For now I come with the HUGE news that Fallout 76 will indeed be an online multiplayer game.

Rumours have been flying around for years of an online Fallout title and now it is true; better yet we get to play it on 14th November 2018! Fallout 76 will be 4 times the size of Fallout 4 and is a prequal to every game in the series. Players will be amongst the first in the world to exit the vaults after the bombs drop.

Bethesda confirmed that the game can be played solo, just like all of the previous games but online is the best way to start this new adventure. Todd Howard described the game as a ‘Softcore Survival’ game at todays conference, joking that a new rating should be made based on this. We got to see gameplay clips and I must say this looks like it will be a lot of fun.


Settlements will now have purpose, as PvP is in the game, as well as PvE. Meaning building up your defences will play a big part in how much you can prosper in the West Virginia wasteland. Howard also said that there will be ‘dozens, not hundreds’ of players in each server, and that your progress will carry over no matter which server you’re in, making for seamless continous gameplay. Building can take place anywhere you choose, and is destructible both by other players and in game threats.

So far unused nuclear sites will be around the map, needing launch codes to activate, once used, you can target an area and change the entire game for everyone, that’s right, you can nuke the map! The game will feature 100% dedicated servers which is a huge bonus for a game of this size.

A beta is coming but no date was given, only to go to Bethesda’s site to register. There will also be a special edition coming, similar to the Pip-Boy edition of Fallout 4. Only this time it is the Power Armour Edition and comes with a full size original helmet from the game. Fallout 76 will be avaialble on 14/11/18 and we can not wait!

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