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BenQ SW320 Review

BenQ SW320 Review

by June 12, 2018

BenQ normally release some good monitors and they seem to be always aimed at the standard user who likes to do the odd bit of photoshop here and there or some video editing. These types of monitors normally won’t run you into too much of your bank account and still do a good job. However if you want something that is going to set the place a light and give you the best quality you could probably get for editing or photography then this monitor is the one for you. Oh and by the way this bad lad is 4K with HDR.


The BenQ SW320 is a absolutely stunning 4K display with the 10-bit IPS panel offering state of the art technology when it comes to colour accuracy. Not only does the panel provide great colour accuracy but this beast comes with excellent viewing angles both vertically and horizontally of 178 degrees. This will offer the user a great colour display from pretty much any angle you look at the monitor from.

Given the fact this monitor also has the compatibility of HDR10 it helps bring the display to an even greater length. HDR will always help users bring to life the higher quality of colour levels from black to white and everything in between. I mean I own a 4K TV at the moment which I use for Sky Q and gaming but I have to admit there’s something about this monitor that just makes everything seem better then that.

A neat little feature this monitor also comes with is the ability to change the response time. This is massively important for those of you out there who like to do the odd bit of gaming now and again. There is two modes to choose from when selecting response time the first being standard mode which will give a 14ms response time and the fast mode which will allow a response time of 5ms. For anyone that games 5ms is a fairly decent rate and will always help fight against ghosting in a fast paced environment.


Design and Features

The Benq SW320 isn’t the greatest or best looking monitor on the market but to be honest for what it can do it doesn’t really need to be. The design for some what of a old school one with thick bezels around the screen and a matte black finish. Still a lot better then those crazy CRT monitors you used to have back in the day. The stand for this beast is very sturdy and has a quick release function on the back for those who would prefer to undo the stand and use a VESA mount.

The monitor also comes with what is known as a quick –access puck. This allows you to assign hot keys to the buttons and switch between modes or saved presets in an instance. As well as the puck the BenQ SW320 comes with a set of shades which can be attached around the sides of the monitor. This is not something I found I needed to use as the room I was in never gets much light anyways so glare or brightness was never an issue. However in case you do have a bright room or don’t want to use the hoods then the monitor has its own anti-glare coating. With the monitor being aimed at those in photography or design the monitor has a nice feature that allows the screen to turn or be flipped into portrait mode.


The ports on the BenQ SW320 include the latest versions of HDMI, DisplayPort and a mini DisplayPort. With this being a 4K monitor the HDMI ports can obviously support this feature at 60Hz where as the DisplayPort will only support standard display with the compatibility of HDR. As well as the display connections the monitor also comes with two 3.0 USB ports which is ideal for attaching USB storage or various other devices.


Great 4K Display
Excellent Size
Image Quality
5ms Mode


Little Bit Pricey
Could Be Better Looking

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Bottom Line

Overall this monitor is fantastic for those who want to use it for photography and design purposes. I personally used it for editing YouTube videos and creating images in photoshop and I have to admit everything looked fantastic. For those gamers out there, there is an option for fast mode to reduce the response time but don’t expect anything ground breaking. The price may put a few people off and at the time of writing it was currently priced at £1300 on Amazon. All in all this a great monitor and one of the best I’ve used to date.

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