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BenQ GW2780 Review

BenQ GW2780 Review

by April 18, 2018

Landing on our doorstep recently was the BenQ GW2780 27 inch FHD LED monitor and I have to admit I was fairly impressed with its performance. Again this isn’t a monitor that is designed for or even aimed at gamers but it does look stylish and will hold it’s own.

The monitor is marketed as a Low Blue Light and Flicker-Free which will help with eye strain when using the monitor for extended periods of time. The BenQ GW2780 uses a IPS panel which will always produce a great range of colours and is something that BenQ always seem to go for in their monitor design. This does has its disadvantages however as the monitor has a response time of 5ms and a 60Hz refresh rate.

The design of the monitor as always is nicely put together and BenQ have really taken back the amount of bezel or border you have around the screen. This is a nice design as they have taken a fair chunk of it away so you now get more of the screen which is always nicer and easier on the eyes. Plus having a thick bezel round the outside is now becoming a thing of the past and to be honest nowadays looks fairly old fashioned. The base of the monitor is small in comparison to over monitors I’ve reviewed and I did find at times the monitor look a little shaky so to speak as there wasn’t much of a counter balance to support it meaning at times it did look as if the monitor was leaning forward.


However if you’re a fan of mounting your displays onto a wall or arm then the monitor does have this ability. On the back you a standard 100×100 VESA mount which will allow you to do this. Not something I would use but a lot of people have up three monitors and mounting one to an arm is a great way to save space. Having a small bezel like I mentioned earlier also makes it more appealing for multiple monitor use as the dividing lines won’t be over chunky.

Speaking of the back you have your standard connection ports, not as many as you would get with a modern gaming monitor or a upper end monitor but there’s still usual suspects built in. You have 1 HDMI, 1 DisplayPort and 1 VGA port which is more then enough for you normal PC user. What stunned me the most was the monitor itself comes with speakers built in. Obviously their not going to give you amazing surround sound or a cinema experience but they do come in handy if you can’t be bothered to wear a headset constantly.

Although this isn’t a gaming monitor as I’ve already explained but as always we put it through its paces. Being a BenQ monitor I went a different way when it came to gaming and decided to test out an old favourite of mine; Reaching For Petals. Why you ask? Well this game was made using the unreal engine and the graphic display and lighting throughout it are amazing. I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised by how good the game looks on this monitor. The colour was on point and the refresh rate didn’t let it down. There was times where I had to turn the brightness up for certain parts and this kind of took the vibrant colouring away but for the mostly the display held its own and was doing a good job all round. I also tested my usual FPS games and there was a noticeable difference in them as the refresh rate and response time just wasn’t up to scratch compared to my normal monitor but like I said at the start this monitor was never marketed at serious gamers.


Great Price
Vibrant Colours


Stand Seems Unstable
60Hz Refresh Rate

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Overall the Benq GW2780 does a stand up job for the casual PC user and for the casual gamer. Its nothing mind blowing but for the price you cant go wrong. Currently at the time of writing this review you can purchase the monitor for around £170 which for the standard gamer and PC user it won’t hurt your wallet and I think you will be very surprised at the quality.

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