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Battlefield V Reveals New Details In a Teaser Trailer, Including The Setting!

Battlefield V Reveals New Details In a Teaser Trailer, Including The Setting!

by Reza HassanMay 21, 2018

It’s only two days now until we get the full view of Battlefield V but a few hours ago we got a tiny, but official, glimpse of the action.

The official Battlefield Twitter channel uploaded a very short video of a creepy dude in goggles leaning in close to the camera and giving us a good ‘Shhhhhhh’. That would be a pretty odd teaser were it not for all the other little details that can be picked out. Here’s the Tweet:

So here’s what we know about what we just saw.

1) This footage is not from a cutscene or even a set piece from a single player campaign. This footage is taken from a multiplayer match and this is likely intended to show off that even the multiplayer experience is going to be incredibly cinematic.

2) This footage confirms that Battlefield V will be set in the Second World War. The two team icons at the top of the screen clearly show a Union Jack and the Iron Cross of Nazi Germany. Battlefield is returning to where it started!

3) The layout of the HUD looks like it will be a little more stripped back in this game with the players health at the bottom, centre of the screen rather than the lower right hand corner.

It’s not a massive teaser but EA have been very careful to let us know that we’re heading back to World War 2. If you want to know more then you’ll only have to wait until Wednesday for the full reveal.

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