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AOC Have Announced A New Portable USB-C Monitor

AOC Have Announced A New Portable USB-C Monitor

by Reza HassanMay 15, 2018

AOC, hands down, make some of the best gaming monitors in the world. But they also offer a variety of non gaming products that are actually pretty cool too. This month they are releasing the AOC I1601FWUX portable monitor and it’s a very slick piece of kit.

The monitor’s protective cover is also it’s foldable stand. A stand which can also be used in portrait mode as well as landscape. The screen itself also compliments this switchable stand by auto adjusting the picture orientation as you adjust the viewing angle. I love portable, multifunctional technology so this monitor really interested me from the off.

Here’s what AOC have to say about it:

More viewing space – anywhere you go

Not satisfied with the size of your laptop’s display and you would like to expand your screen real estate? You need to present a proposal to potential clients without them having to look over your shoulder? Or you finish some work spreadsheets while being on the train or plane? The possibilities are endless; AOC delivers the latest USB-C technology for portable displays, in the most elegant, ultra-thin solution: the I1601FWUX.

The I1601FWUX uses the USB Type C technology to both connect the display signal and power. Instead of older USB powered displays, the USB-C port includes the high quality DisplayPort signal and the power connection in one cable, reducing clutter and providing a true mobile display experience. The 15.6” size of the display matches the common display size of most multimedia laptops, whilst the height of the holder allows a same-level display setup with your laptop.

Visually stunning

Thanks to its compact size, the I1601FWUX fits in most laptop bags. The monitor only weighs 800 grams, and is ultra-thin with just 8.5 mm thickness.
When it’s out and set up, the I1601FWUX will impress onlookers with the premium die-cast metal back cover, while the IPS display in front with 160/160° viewing angles ensures multiple users will see vivid, uniform images. The display also comes with AOC’s Low Blue Light mode, reducing potentially harmful blue light and preventing users’ eye fatigue and provides a comfortable usage throughout night and day, thanks to its 220 cd/m² brightness.

Practical and convenient

The I1601FWUX’s IPS display has a pixel response time of 5 ms GtG, meaning fast moving action scenes or fast-paced games will be smooth and smear-free. The included smart cover protects the display when not using it and toting it along. And when the display is in use it transforms into a display holder for both landscape and portrait modes. Changing the orientation of the display is also easy with the Auto-Pivot feature activated by the AOC i-Menu software, which makes the display automatically align into the correct orientation when it is rotated.”

You probably won’t want to be entering any Overwatch championships with this piece of kit but if you have an on the go lifestyle, present a lot of data or just go to a lot of old school LAN parties to play the original Dawn Of War with your mates (Some people do!) then this might be worth a shout for £199.

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