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Alienware And Dell Release New Gaming Hardware

Alienware And Dell Release New Gaming Hardware

by Matt GouldenJune 7, 2018

Everyone at GReviews is pretty excited about the latest foray into the gaming world by Dell and Alienware, with a product launch due in a matter of days during E3.

Dell have announced there are two products set to launch within the next two months. And, to be honest, both look pretty impressive.

First up is the Wireless Gaming Headset (£176.75). Due for a launch date in a matter of days, this is a pretty spectacular inclusion to the range of gaming accessories Alienware provide. Designed for diehard gamers, the Wireless Gaming Headset is the first of its kind at Alienware and the team have certainly put the effort into its development.

“As pioneers in PC gaming, it’s our responsibility to continuously innovate to deliver the best gaming solutions possible for our community,” said Frank Azor, vice-president and general manager of Alienware, Gaming and XPS for Dell.

Alienware are confident we can get those rich, deep sounds and experience an expansive soundscape with their latest hardware. The Wireless Gaming Headset allows you to enhance your game performance, providing clear natural and spatial sound, with acoustic signature presets and customisable sound profiles, augmented by high-fidelity 40mm Neodymium drivers.

The headset is designed towards providing clear natural voice quality, for solo and multiplayer situations, the headset lets players position the mic nearer their mouth to reduce background noise.

Also included within the design is a Game/Chat volume mixer to allow an element of personal control over tuning and built-in voice notifications for battery life and wireless connectivity.

The second piece of kit to come from the Dell/ Alienware partnership is the new Elite Gaming Mouse(£79.99).. Set for a launch in August this year, this is for your sophisticated gamer. The mouse houses advanced ergonomic engineering with two redesigned interchangeable side wings (with two or four buttons for FPS/MMORPG) and three-position palm rest for virtually any grip.

Furthermore, there are four configurable 5-gram weight adjustments for added control over cursor precision, even further enhanced by five configurable levels for DPI switching based on your need for precision and speed.

With a built-in 512k memory the mouse can support between 9 and 11 programmable buttons for in-game customisation.

Each of the new products hold the iconic Alienware design, lighting effects and features to tailor to your gaming style.

The Wireless Gaming Headset is due for release on 11th June 2018, while the Elite Gaming Mouse has yet to have the official August 2018 release date confirmed.

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