Alclair Curve Review

Alclair is a manufacturer for custom in ear monitors. They, however, recently dove into the universal (generic fit) world with their Alclair Curve in ear monitors which have a distinct curved shape body that sits flush with the ear. The design is almost perfect while the sound quality is pretty up there. Overall, they are a pretty good product, but do have a caveat or two that come with them.


Driver: Dual BA

In the Box

Alclair Curve In-Ear Monitors
Detachable Audio Cable
Comply Foam Tips (S/M/L)
Carrying Case
Cleaning Tool


Alclair utilizes a unique design when it comes to the Curve IEMs. The distinct curved shape is for ergonomics. The outside casing that is visible while the IEM is on the ear is clear in color while the inner-side is colored grey. It’s nothing really special, but does work. With that said, a little color or customization would help loads, Alclair does have their base in custom monitors after all. Either way, they are a simple design.


Alclair gave the Curve IEMs a friendly smooth sound signature with deep bass and softer treble. At times they could be a little overly smooth creating a dull sound. One thing is for sure, however, the Curve monitors definitely aren’t fatiguing in any way whatsoever. The smooth signature is easy to listen to for hours on end.

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The bass on the Alclair Curve extends deeply with a subtle texturing to it. Otherwise, the majority of the subbass has a solid, one-note feel to it. This gives the bass, as a whole, excellent presence throughout. The lower bass has a well-defined impact that is strong with a bit of thickness. The midbass is not the tightest, but it’s also not the loosest either. It provides a slower, smoother speed.

As we go up through the midrange, the smoothness of the signature continues holding true. The lower mids are quite smooth and offer much lushness throughout. This creates a midrange that is easy on the ears. Upper midrange clarity, however, does crumble a tad bit due to this. Vocals are a very lush sound to them overall. This effect magnifies the emotion put into vocals much more.

Going through the treble, we do find that it is smoothed out quite a bit, a little too much at times. It offers ample presence and good detailing throughout. However, it really does just lack that treble energy unfortunately. The upper treble gives off strong presence and clarity, but again, can also lose out on energy and presence at times.


When you receive the Alclair monitors, they don’t come in any sort of retail packaging. Rather, they just come packaged in their portable-sized case. The case is a soft hard case that has a clip. It’s small enough to fit in a pocket and can be transported quite easily. It’ll provide enough room for everything that is packaged with the ‘phones.

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Alclair decided to use plastic for the housings of the Curve. The plastic is strong for the tiny housings. They won’t crack with time and are quite strong overall. There really isn’t much more to the build of the housings. Each one has a single, 2-pin jack for the removable cable.

Like most other customs manufacturers, the cable that is included is a generic remove able cable. The cable uses the standard braided design that is nice to the touch. This design allows the cable to resist tangling while remaining flexible. The multi-cable design of the braid allows the cable to have strength in numbers.

As with most generic cables, this one does terminate at a 90-degree jack. It’s sized well for portable use as its compact in size, but not at the cost of durability. That said, the 90-degree angle will help keep slack off of the cable while the gold plating helps resist corrosion.


For those of you that love foam tips, you’re in for a treat as that’s all that the Curve come with. Each Alclair Curve comes with a medium sized Comply Foam tip installed with small and large sizes packaged inside of the case. The tips are more or less universal and very comfortable like any Comply Foam tip is.

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On the other side of things, the Alclair Curve has a unique, well, curve shape to them that fits snugly with your ears. For those with small ears, the little fin that sticks from the top of the housing can cause some discomfort and tenderness on the concha within an hour. Otherwise, they are pretty comfortable.


The Alclair Curve currently sell just under two hundred, however, they retail for around 250. They are priced competitively at either price offering sound quality that is right up their with their competition. The build and design are top notch though the comfort could be a little problematic for smaller ears. Overall, they still are a great value.

Bottom Line

Alclair’s first steps into the universal (generic) fit world of headphones wasn’t a bad one. As you’d expect from a manufacturer that has experience in IEMs, they sound fantastic. Their fit could use a tweak or two, but is walking down the right path in terms of comfort. The Alclair Curve, overall, is still a great IEM.